10 Things to consider


Planning on purchasing an LED Sign?. Here are 10 things to consider before you buy an electronic message center.

  1. Indoor or Outdoor. Will your sign be installed indoors or outdoors. If outdoors in what conditions...driving rain, snow, high low temperatures? Look for a durable LED sign designed to last, with solid welds, high voltage protection, and heavy walled aluminum construction

  1. Viewing Distance and Angle. At what distance will your LED sign be viewed? And at what angle? This will help you determine the correct message display character height and minimum pitch required to produce an image that is crisp and lifelike. Longer distances require less resolution and shorter distances require more resolution. If you are traveling 55mph on a freeway and the LED message sign is 600 feet away at a truck stop, the LED message text letters must be at least 20 inches tall to be legible If you are standing 60 feet away from a LED sign, the message letters need only be 2 inches tall to be legible. 

Viewing DistanceCharacter HeightMinimum Pitch
60 ft2"6mm
120 ft4"15mm
180 ft6"22mm
240 ft8"30mm
360 ft12''45mm
460 ft15"56mm
630 ft21"76mm
1050 ft35"127mm

Resolution is the most important factor affecting the cost of your LED sign. More resolution means more diodes and more circuits, which usually means higher cost.  How do you determine the resolution of an LED sign? Pitch is the distance between one diode and another. The SMALLER the pitch the HIGHER the resolution. You are probably not a sign expert, but we can give you the knowledge you need on distance and angle to ensure your site and LED sign match up correctly

  1. Budget. An LED sign is an advertising expenditure. A common practice is to lease the LED sign and dedicate a portion of your advertising budget towards the sign. To stay competitive in today's market, your company needs the best advertising equipment available. By leasing your company can afford to pay for this equipment without putting unnecessary financial pressure on your business.

  1. Goal of Advertising. If your LED sign needs to stand out from in a competitive marketplace and generate excitement, consider the software and hardware of the LED sign you choose. Not all packages are equal in their ability to offer features like message scheduling, pixel shading, animation and video.

  1. Messages. What kind of information do your customers need? Do they need a quick headline reminder or is a more lifelike image needed to grab their attention? You answer maybe determined by your location, the presence of other signage or the competitive environment. Quality video capable LED signs are now available even with a modest budget.

  1. Color, or Monochrome. Today your LED sign color choices range from one color gray scale in shades of red or amber capable of displaying simple graphics, up to 8.6 billion RGB colors capable of high resolution graphics and real time video output. Growing in popularity, full color LED displays now fall into the price range of may small business. Do yourself a favor and examine both grayscale and color LED signs

  1. Site Characteristics, Local Ordinances, Zoning. Know your site and know your local codes. You'll save time and money and avoid costly redesigns. Does you municipality have strict ordinances regarding signage. You may need to request a variance. An experienced sign professional can help you navigate the zoning process and get the LED sign your business needs to excel.

  1. Expectations of Quality. How do you want to be perceived? As someone who cuts corners or as someone who sees the larger picture and pays attention to details. You should and can expect long-lasting quality from any sign you buy from LED sign Authority

  1. Accountability Service is our highest priority. We want satisfied customers. Our manufacturers provide the help you need when you need it with some of the best warranties in the business.

  1. Good Signage. LED sign are the most cost-effective advertising investment a business can make. Outdoor LED Signs have proven to increase business 15%-150% at 10% the cost of TV, Radio and Newspaper advertising. That's what the small business Administration found. The SBA is appointed with aiding, counseling and protecting the interests of small business in the United States. If you would like to read more about why they believe in the benefits of LED message centers visit their section at Small Business Administration

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Hopefully you are feeling informed and ready to move forward in selecting an LED sign.