Our led modules are made to last in all kinds of weather, heat cold rain snow etc. Our modules are waterproofed both sides to prevent rust contamination and other related problems. One look at our modules will convince you we have the best.
Led Modules SMD and DIP
Led Modules we Supply on outdoor led signs

We have SMD and DIP choices for indoor and outdoor modules

Led Signs

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Anderson Township Parks Stae and Nagel
Led Indoor Programmable Screen
Led Sign in Hamilton Insurance Location

Waterproof Components

Our sign cabinets,modules,power supplies and wiring are all kept dry and secure in our sign cabinets. Front or rear accessible.

We provide module resolutions from P2 to P16,so the customer can show products that are a clear and true representation  in likeness to their customers viewing products and information.
Quality Modules for a long lasting sign.
Anderson Township Parks Led Sign
AQnderson Parks Led Sign