LED sign Key Terms


LED sign components are not created equal!

LED components are not created equal! LEDs Today only specifies the finest quality LED components for our signage. Our LED’s are rated for at least 100,000 hours (more than 11 years) and have excellent brightness and viewing angles. Very important to note: Many low cost competitors achieve their “low cost” by using cheap LEDs that dim or burn out relatively quickly and/or have less brightness and decreased viewing angle.

 LEDs Today: – A single LED or a group or cluster of LED’s that are capable of being individually controlled to produce a single color or brightness. The grid of pixels contained in a LED display. Typically, the matrix is described by pixels in height and width (I.E. The matrix is 128 pixels in height x 240 pixels in width)
The distance between pixels on center, or distance from the center of an EMC pixel to the next closest pixel in the display. The “pitch” may be expressed in inches or millimeters apart. As an EMC units’ “pitch” is made tighter by the pixels being placed closer together, so is it’s ability to display images with finer resolution. The correct “pitch” is determined by the desired viewing distance and the type and resolution quality that is desired or needed.

 LEDs Today will custom survey your site and then recommend the best possible size, matrix and pitch for your LED signage. We like to be upfront and honest with our opinions about what is good for the consumer. We don't recommend a feature called Digital Pixel Technology due to the fact that it increases your electric bill almost 4 times more than when using real pixel technology. It is also called virtual, or pixel sharing  technology by others. The picture quality can be better with this type technology but the lettering will be much more fuzzy. 

 It reduces the amount of leds in a sign thus reducing price and quality.