Zoning Help for signs

Led signs,and regular signage zoning application help and permits.
Helpful Hints In Dealing With Zoning...
Here are a few questions you may want to ask your local code board:
  • How many square feet of sign face is allowed? How is that measured?  Does the measurement include the cabinet only? Do symbols count? Is the allowance for one face or both faces in a double faced sign?

  • Is there a minimum or maximum height restriction? What is it?

  • Are there set back requirements? Minimum distance from the roadway or sidewalk?

  • Is internal illumination allowed? Is external illumination allowed?

  • Are you allowed an LED Moving Message Sign? Can it move and scroll, or must it stay static?

  • Can anyone from our organization pull a permit or is a license necessary?

  • Can your organization install the sign themselves?

  • Can you have more than one sign?

  • Are engineer sealed prints required? Can they be a copy? Do they have to be sealed by an engineer in your state?