Why a Electronic Message Center?
Why a Electronic Message Center?

  • In real Estate sales and appraisals the old addage “location, location, location.”still holds true today.An  EMC allows you to maximize your advertising opportunity for your location.
  • EMCs are the most cost effective form of self promotion compared to other forms of advertising. The average “cost per thousand exposures” is significantly less than newspapers, radio, TV and other media.
  • Electronic Message Centers specifically target your “front door” market and promote impulse buying to an audience who can conveniently stop, look and respond to your effective advertising messages.
  • They avoid ineffective and wasted “Shotgun Advertising.” One hundred percent of your EMC advertising dollars are directed at an audience within close proximity to your business or organization.
  • EMCs allow you the ultimate advertising flexibility to immediately be able to change or update messages on a moments notice. You can create and conveniently store an unlimited amount of EMC content. You can store upto 99 messages,shedule them to run as far out as a year.
  • Today’s LED Message Centers typically have the ability to present detailed graphic images. Photo images and graphics create visual interest and excitement. “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words” to your mobile audience. Only an Emc can give your business a branding type image that would costs thousands of dollars on tv and radio to obtain.
  • In most situations, just the presence of the EMC sign gives you an on-going awareness to your facility.