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Led Signs Indoor and Outdoor
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Led Signs Indoor and Outdoor
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Led Signs Indoor and Outdoor
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We sell led signs to attract new clients and maintain exising customers. We are one of the most cost effective distributors in the country located right here in Cincinnati, Ohio. We work direct with the manufacturer and offer almost any size and resolution led signs you will ever want or need. For an affordable and attractive attention getting moving led sign call us for your best deal. Accutech Sign Shop sells in door and outdoor units as well as rentals. We are currently signing up dealers to sell our led sign products across the USA. Located in Cincinnati Ohio we custom build many of the signs here in our company.

We import quality sign components from many Asian countries, and get  as many parts as possible made here in the USA. We can custom engineer your sign as to quality, price and size to fit your budget. When you think of led signs, think Accutech Sign Shop here in Cincinnati Ohio.

We have red, green, white  blue, yellow dual color and full color choices of led signs. We can help you obtain engineering drawings, permits and other essentials you will need to install an outdoor led sign.

Presently we can build you an indoor super bright sign to place inside your store looking out into direct sunlight, and it is bright enough to work in direct sunlight and be easily read. Currently you do not need permits for this type of sign located inside your building. We build, import, sell and service what we make.

 Our signs are upto date with the latest engineering designs for ease of use and quality output digital programmed signs in the industy. We have wired , wireless and usb controlled programmable led signs .

Our signs are for almost any use imagineable, churches, schools, hospitals, doctors, shopping centers, airports, veterinarians, lawyers, accountants, restaurants,manufacturing centers and plants, strip centers, real estate , car washes, liquor stores, grocery, municipalities, to name a few.

We have sold to almost all these customers.

We are trust worthy, established, and professional.    

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The most affordable and effective way to attract Customers!

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