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Located in Cincinnati Since 1995, we have been making custom signs, selling and installing all types of signs, sign letters and metal plaques. We custom print T-shirts. We manufacture wooden signs, and all types of custom decals, banners and vinyl lettering. We also work with various Letter, Plaque, Decal & Sign Manufacturers to provide you with the best products and prices for your needs.

We also sell, rent and install a wide selection of LED indoor and outdoor signs. We also have a lot of LED information on our site. Please spend some time and look around!

We understand that running a business demands competitive pricing and dependable turnaround in your advertising ventures. Unlike our competitors, as a full service Sign Company, we offer a wide variety of signage manufactured under one roof. This allows us to give our customers and their projects the attention necessary and quality construction at the best prices available. Thank You for the opportunity to serve you!


Screen Printed signs
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Screen printed signs in Cincinnati & surrounding areas, We print towing  company signs. Coropast signs political signs, from election signs to school board member signs, large orders to small jobs. Construction lot signs, real estate signs. Full color printed signs to one color signs. We are very fast and cost effective. Let Accutech Sign Shop in Cinnati Help you get the word out about your business.  Yard signs are a great way to reach a large number of people and see immediate results. They are affordable and always work to some degree. They give the small business owner an opportunity to advertise and compete against larger companies. We make uv printed signs on a flatbed now. When sceen printing each screen had a cost, each color had a different screen, each screen had a labor charge to setup. With uv it doesn't matter if you print one color or full color . Uv flatbed printing is faster and saves money, no setup fees , just print direct to the substrate. Now we have the best of both worlds. Quality and price to make our customers happy because we can be more competitive, and consistantly have better quality. Yard signs are a great source of advertising for a relatively cheap price. 


Basic knowledge of Yard Signs

These days you see Yard Signs used for everything. Real Estate Companies, Landscaping, Roofing, Handymen, Selling Mattresses, Poker Tournaments, Pony Parties, etc. etc. etc. These days they really are everywhere. From telephone poles to highway exits, millions of signs are placed every year in America and it is becoming an increasingly more popular advertising medium for small business owners. My hope is that from this article you gain knowledge and share your own ideas with others on how to best use these little sticks of advertising dynamite. So here are my thoughts on Yard Signs, feel free to comment on the bottom of the page! Making of Signs Science says Black on Yellow or Black on White makes the best sign…I disagree, I have had the most success using Red letters on White. If they can’t read your number, you might as well not make or put out a sign. Less words the better. Make it simple. If you can, get an easy to remember number, it will help out a lot. Do not advertise a website on a sign. Putting Out the Signs Signs put in ground get more response quicker while on poles they will stay out longer. Get them up high when you place on poles. Use the surrounding area of where the sign goes as defense for its life. Use poles and telephone boxes to hide it from being seen from different angles. The more you put out the more response you will get. Don’t over do signs in a small area, the last thing you want to do is become a nuisance to the community. If the city or zoning officials do give you trouble on your signs, tell them you were not aware and make a note not to return to that stop. Bring someone with you, don’t do it alone unless you have to. If you hire someone to put them out, check to make sure they all go out. Get all your signs out, don’t sell yourself short and get them all out and do your best job. Putting signs out at night will save you a lot of time and hassle. A lot of people like them placed out on Friday nights, I have not witnessed any difference on results based on the day I put them out. Misc. Tips on Signs Make notes of your competitors and where they place signs. I think taking down competitors signs is dirty, but it is your life, you make the choice. Signs with Zip Ties last long as they are very difficult to tear.

Accutech SIgn Shop can make yard signs, wooden signs business signs with uv full color printing. Uv photos on metal, aluminum, glass, acrylic , custom banners can all be printed. 

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Political Signs for Your Campaign
18"x24" Coroplast yard signs, double sided
Political 4
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Political Yard Signs 18"x24"
18"x24" coroplast yard signs, double sided
Political 3
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18"x24" Yard Signs - Political
Political campaign signs, cheap good and many different sizes
Political 2
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Screen Printed Political Signs
Our corrugated plastic signs have a number of advantages over traditional aluminum and poster board signs. They are lightweight and sturdy which makes them easier to store: and they are more easily attached to frames, and they cost less!
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Screen Printed Signs
Screen printing is the least expensive form of reproducing multiple sign quantities. Great for festivals, churches, contractors, painters, lawn care service, etc. Call or e-mail for price.
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Screen Printed Signs
Screen printed signs are a great way to advertise. The most popular size is 18" x 24", but we do all sizes. Great for festivals, churches, contractors, painters, lawn care service, etc. Call or e-mail for price.
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Screen printed coroplast,plastic,metal,aluminum, or commercial pieces that need to be printed or flatbed uv printing

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