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Located in Cincinnati Since 1995, we have been making custom signs, selling and installing all types of signs, sign letters and metal plaques. We custom print T-shirts. We manufacture wooden signs, and all types of custom decals, banners and vinyl lettering. We also work with various Letter, Plaque, Decal & Sign Manufacturers to provide you with the best products and prices for your needs.

We sell, rent and install a wide selection of LED indoor and outdoor signs. We also have a lot of LED information on our site. Please spend some time and look around!

Accutech Sign Shop management has traveled to many places, states and countries for exhibitions to stay current with equipment and products in the ever changing sign business.  We look and see the most popular items in the sign industry. From quality led message boards to picture standoffs, to cnc routering to wide format printing. Our equipment is top off the line quality to bring you the best and fast signs, pictures and banners money can buy. We are the best choice for sign shops in Colerain Twp., Loveland, Hamilton, Cincinnati, Sharonville, Mason, Reading, Fairfield,and Ross Ohio. We are professional, accurate and fast. We do not charge Rush fees, we want your business. The next time you have to have something fast call us give us an opportunity. We have DTG printing on shirts, much more quality and detail in the decorative shirts, portraits, logos you want. Direct to garment tee shirt printing allows us to produce shirts from one to 100. One or two or 6 or 8 shirts are our specialty, so do not wait call us.

We understand that running a business demands competitive pricing and dependable turnaround in your advertising ventures. Unlike our competitors, as a full service Sign Company, we offer a wide variety of signage manufactured under one roof. This allows us to give our customers and their projects the attention necessary and quality construction at the best prices available. Thank You for the opportunity to serve you!


Sign Smarts
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Choose sign colors carefully! One mistake that people tend to make is they make this decision emotionally rather than logically. If your sign is illuminated and needs to read at a distance then some colors work better than others. Blue is probably the worst color you can use in your sign design because it's less legible at night than most other colors. Blue can still be used but it needs to used correctly to insure that it's legible. Red on the other hand is easy to read but it's also the most popular sign color so you sign may have less impact because it's competing with other red signs around you.

What does your sign place emphasis on? If the name of your business is Al's Diner you need to check your ego and take the emphasis off of Al's and put it on Diner. Al's doesn't mean anything to anybody (except maybe your mom and dad) but everybody knows what Diner means and that's the word in your sign that is going to bring you customers.

Before you buy a sign it's a good idea to visit the sign shop that you are considering and see what kind of operation they are running. Is their shop clean and well organized? How many people do they have building signs?
Look around your community and find signs that you like and then find out who built them.

Ask business owners about how well their signs have performed; have they required any repairs. If so, what kind of repairs and how often.

Materials matter! Aluminum will hold up a lot longer than sheet metal but you'll spend a lot more for an aluminum sign.

Know what your landlord expects. Most retail locations have a set sign criteria so before you sign that lease or buy that sign you better know what you will be required to buy.

Get several bids and make sure the bids are very specific on how your sign will be constructed. Specifically what kind of materials will be used in its construction. Will it be sheet metal or aluminum? Will it be riveted or welded? Will it have an acrylic or polycarbonate face?

Too good to be true pricing! If one sign company quotes a dramatically lower price than another sign company it should send up a red flag. Like all businesses, sign companies have a specific profit margin so if the price seems too good to be true than they are likely taking short cuts on the quality of material or in the construction.

Sometimes cheaper is smarter! If you're a new business with a small budget it may make sense to go for the sheet metal sign rather than the aluminum sign. Sheet metal may not hold up as well as aluminum but it's cheaper and can look just as good. All new business are a risk and it may make sense to go for the less expensive sign and use the savings for other types of advertising.

The SBA says you can increase business 15 to 150% with a new led moving message sign. We have done better than that with our new led full color sign in front of our store. Call us for sales price or lease on a new Elecronic Message Center. Low energy consumption ,high attention grabbers that will be come your top sales person, working 24/7 with no time off.. Miracles can still happen!

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